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Greetings World Surf League,


I am requesting credentials for the 2024 El Salvador Pro event.


My name is Dave Collyer but I'm known as 'Old Surf Dad'.


This is my website and you can find the bulk of my content on my YouTube channel where I make videos about surfing, but more specifically about WSL Fantasy surfing. 


My ‘Currents Surf Show’ is a podcast with T-bone of the Western Australian ‘Barreled Podcast’ who recently covered the Margaret River event. 


I have read the Terms and Conditions and my intent is Editorial use only. I would appreciate the opportunity to ask the surfers (many of whom know me) a brief question or two after you have completed post heat interviews.

Finally, my career has revolved around entertainment and I have been on set in Feature films, Television shows and Commercials with A list celebrities. I say this so you know that I am professional and understand discretion. 


Thank you for your consideration.


Dave Collyer  


Here’s my most recent video - an interview for the upcoming Teahupoo event

Here’s an example of an explainer video for the new WSL format back in 2022

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