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Old Surf Dad, Indonesia. Circa 1998

40 years of Surf and Travel


Old Surf Dad has traveled around the world and is always thinking about the next trip. His images and videos have been used in magazines, newspapers, television programs and feature films worldwide. 

His first surfboard was a single fin that hit him in the head and left a scar. That was back in the late 70's and the three-fin 'thruster' had not yet been invented. 

Indonesia, Hawaii and Australia have all been temporary homes and he has collectively lived on boats in the Indian Ocean for more than a year. He is mostly embarrassed about being from Florida.


Old Surf Dad currently lives in Los Angeles and works in the film industry. He enjoys surfing Ventura, carving bowls at the Cove skatepark in Santa Monica and snowboarding Mammoth mountain with his son. 

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As you probably know, I actually have a "real job" and in this real job I'm part of a talented group of Art Department folks that decorate TV shows, movies and commercials. About 2 years ago I started on a project with an enormous task of filming "Daisy Jones and The Six". It was one of the hardest, and yet, most rewarding experiences in my career. 

Whenever you see a period piece it always takes a huge effort to get it right. The period was the 1970's - one of my favorites! both the Production Designer and Decorator nailed it. They did such a good job, the show has been nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Production Design

I have a lot of interesting stories about this project (like the week we transformed three blocks of the Sunset Strip to its former 1970's glory!). Hopefully I can share some of them in the future. First, let's bring home this Emmy (Jan 15, 2024)! Congrats to this amazing team and thank you for letting me be a part of it!

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