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Olympic Surfing 2024

Paris 2024's surfing event will take place in Teahupoo, Tahiti over four days in a 10-day window, from 27 July to 5 August.



Day one features the Men's and Women's Opening and Elimination Rounds.. 

The WSL nearly completed the entire Opening and Elimination Rounds for both the Men and Women, but four elimination round heats remain on the Men's side.  

The big question is will they run tomorrow (5 hours away at the time of this update)? The forecast calls for windy conditions, but
I think they will send out the last of the Men's Elimination round in hopes of completing a Finals day on Friday. We'll see..

As we learned in the Currents Surf Show - Rio Edition from Icaro Cavalheiro, the sand looks good and the wave shape will be better than years past. 

A lot at stake for those battling for a Top 5 spot. Let's hope we get some decent surf for this event!

Stay tuned here for more surf forecasts and reports.

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Updated: June 26, 2024 (PST)

Women's Medal Favorites

Women's medal favorite's based on Tahiti results and career stats

Women's Olympic Surfers

Yolanda Hopkins - Portugal 

Caroline Marks - USA

Sarah Baum - South Africa

Sol Aquirre - Peru

Janire Extabarri - Spain

Vahine Fierro - Tahiti

Anat Lelior - Israel

Sanoa Dempfie-Olin - Canada

Tyler Wright - Australia

Tatiana Weston-Webb - Brazil

Molly Picklum - Australia

Caity Simmers - USA

Johanne Defay - France

Brisa Hennessy - Costa Rica

Candelaria Resano - Nicaragua

Taina Hinckel - Brazil

Camila Kemp - Germany

Luana Silva - Brazil

Nadia Erostarbe - Spain

Siqi Yang - China

Saffi Vette - New Zealand

Carissa Moore - USA

Teresa Bonvalot - Portugal

Shino Matsuda - Japan


Men's Medal Favorites

Men's Medal favorite's based on Tahiti results and career stats

Men's Olympic Surfers

Ethan Ewing - Australia

Tim Elter - Germany

Jordy Smith - South Africa

Joan Duru - France

Jack Robinson - Australia

Matthew McGilivray - South Africa

Alonso Correa - Peru

Filipe Toledo - Brazil

Kanoa Igarashi - Japan

Gabriel Medina - Brazil

Connor O'leary - Australia

Bryan Perez - El Salvador

Ramzi Boukhiam - Morocco

Billy Stairmand - New Zealand

Joao Chianca - Brazil

Andy Criere - Spain

John John Florence - USA

Alan Cleland - Mexico

Kauli Vaast - France

Lucca Messinas - Peru

Griffin Colapinto - USA

Rio Waida - Indonesia

Leonardo Fioravanti - Italy

Reo Inaba - Japan

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